Hakan Tikic

Versatile IT Specialist and Skilled Artist


As a polymathic individual, my diverse range of skills and abilities allow me to bring a unique and innovative perspective to any aspects of life.

With a natural intelligence and insatiable curiosity, I am driven to explore complex concepts and unravel the mysteries of the universe and as an advocate for knowledge, peace, and freedom, I am committed to making a positive impact on the world.     
With a professional background in IT and a passion for art, music, and creative expression, I am able to approach challenges from multiple angles and break free from traditional modes of thinking. 
I'm particularly fascinated by quantum physics, including the mind-bending reality of quantum entanglement.
I believe that pushing the boundaries of our understanding is essential for growth and innovation, and I'm constantly striving to do so in both my personal and professional pursuits. 
In my personal life, I share my home with my beloved Akita Inu, who brings me endless joy and companionship.